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Residential Property Management Services

Residential Property Management Services

Residential property management services are at the core of what BPS do and our priority is to provide a hassle-free solution for your property needs.

Are you looking for Residential property management services? At BPS, we have a dedicated team that specialises in residential property that can assist you with your specific requirements. Regardless if you have one property, or your portfolio is growing, we tailor our service to fit your needs.

Through our years of experience, we have worked with a huge number of residential properties, so have the ability to adapt to any unique situation. We understand the needs of different clients and will offer a bespoke service with a proactive approach to your individual requests.

All-Encompassing Residential Property Management Services

Whether you are a Residential Management Company (RMC), freeholder or developer, we are able to offer stress-relieving, professional property management services to suit you. We recognise the stress, strain and demand you are under when it comes to managing your own properties, which is why we offer to take the responsibility off your hands.

BPS can ease the administrative burden of Ground Rent by collecting it for you and helping you with any issues you may be experiencing. If you insure the property with Buildings Insurance Services from BIS, we will be able to assist you in obtaining competitive premium and billing it back to your Leaseholders. Or, if any of your tenants fall into arrears, we will ensure they are brought up to date quickly. Our extensive accounting skills, plus trusted software, enables our Ground Rent collection services to be simple, quick and reliable.

Our approach

Our professional yet personal approach sees us taking on your properties like our own and looking after them as best we can. You will have a dedicated team member who will undertake and oversee all of your property’s needs, so you don’t have to worry.

From ensuring that you are complying with the everchanging laws and legislations to delivering financial reports and drafting of leases, we’ve got everything covered. From the very start, we can be the partner that you can rely on for all your residential property needs.

This includes Service Charge which is one of the main areas for dispute between leaseholders and landlords, but BPS can help ensure any disagreements are avoided. We will always make sure that your service charge is paid, so you avoid any legal action, and if you ever find yourself under any circumstances where you may struggle to pay, we will provide comprehensive guidance and support.

Residential Property Management Packages from BPS

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all residential property package from BPS because we know that every property and every client is different. This is why we offer custom-made packages to suit you.

When you come to us, after discussing your needs and requirements for your residential properties, we will work together to build the perfect package for you. By picking from our Professional Services, you can ensure that you will receive exactly what you want from BPS.

Book a free consultation with BPS today to find out more about what we can do for you.