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Property Inspections

Property Inspections

Property inspections are one of the most important procedures over the course of any property management process. Whether you manage a residential or commercial property, the significance of regular, professional building inspections does not waver.

It is vital that you gain an accurate understanding of your property’s condition, but we recognise you may not want to conduct these yourselves – this is where BPS come in.

Professional Property Inspections

By using independent property management inspections, you can gain impartial advice on the condition of your properties. It will also save you time when you have a number of different properties and separate building inspections all scheduled closely together. We understand the risks of not undertaking regular and thorough professional property inspections (for both landlords and tenants), which is why we provide a reliable service that will give all parties complete peace of mind.

Our property inspectors will visit the property and undertake an inspection, recording detailed findings and taking photographs where necessary. Once complete, we will provide a written report for you along with any advice we think would be helpful for you.

Our property inspection reports often include information on whether tenants need to take any specific actions regarding the findings. We will also share our opinions on the general wear and tear of your property place, and also detail any notes on tenant conduct, tidiness and behaviour.

If you have a large portfolio of properties or a couple here and there, BPS will be more than happy to conduct your property inspections and answer any questions you may have regarding property maintenance. We will always be on hand to give professional advice and guidance.

Property Inspection Reports

We are proud to offer a diligent property inspection service, paying great attention to detail and providing informative property inspection reports, that help both the landlord and tenant. Inspection reports shouldn’t be done by halves, which is why our clients find they benefit from the experience and thoroughness of our team every time.

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