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Lease Renewal Services

Lease Renewal Services

A lease is a contract between a landlord and a tenant for a fixed period of time. When the contractual period ends, unless security of tenure provisions have been excluded, the lease will continue until either party serves their notice on the other. If a notice is to be served, the correct timescales need to be observed and with our lease renewal services, BPS can help action and mediate any lease renewal requests.

Expert Advice & Lease Renewal Negotiation

At BPS, we always make sure to keep up with governing lease renewal legislation, so we can provide the exact and professional service we strive to deliver to every client. No matter whether you are a commercial or residential property portfolio holder, our approach is always the same – to secure the leases that work best for you.

Our lease renewal services team are able to negotiate renewals of leases that have either come to an end or are approaching the contractual end. We take the time to research the property market so we are up to date with lease prices, demand and interest, and can provide you with the most resourceful advice.

We are aware that the rent payable under a new lease will most likely be determined by rental prices in the area, but it is vital to take into account any peculiarities of the lease that may have an impact on the rent and make adjustments accordingly. Aiming to provide a completely comprehensive service, we also ensure to consider other aspects of lease renewals such as rent-free periods, break clauses, schedules of condition, etc.

Lease Renewals can be part of a property management package from BPS

We have extensive experience in dealing with both lease renewals and rent reviews, representing both landlords and tenants in these matters. After years of experience within the industry, we understand how one factor affects another when it comes to property and we can help you by offering an all-round solution.

No matter what size portfolio or what kind of working partnership you are looking for, we are dedicated to helping you with your specific requirements.

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