Dilapidations refer to the extent of necessary repairs at the end of a tenancy in order for the property to return to its original state. A common cause of tenant and landlord disputes, a schedule of dilapidations will be presented on the expiry of the lease, detailing the main issues that require reparation. BPS can assist with compiling this schedule and aims to reduce the risk of disputes for both parties.

Working Together with Our Clients

Over the years, we have been trusted with preparing numerous dilapidations for our clients and their wide range of properties. We always ensure to take the time to fully understand your intentions regarding the property condition at the end of tenancy. 

Then, when compiling the Schedule of Dilapidations for our clients, we guarantee to include all of the essential information needed to provide both parties with a detailed report. This information will be the clauses of the lease, the repair and reinstatement of alterations carried out during the tenant’s term, any potential areas of improvement work, and finally a calculation of the overall costs.

Our team will be on hand for any questions to be answered or any guidance you may seek concerning the schedule and where responsibility lies for both parties. An impartial team like ours is an effective way of sorting out your property dilapidations whereby we can work together, and you can rely on us.

Understanding, Efficient & Competent Property Services

At BPS, we recognise the time efficiency of dilapidations in order to prepare the property for the next tenant. We also understand the importance of paying great attention to detail when assessing the property yet relaying this in a clear and straightforward way to avoid confusion.

Our team is proud to offer support surrounding all things property, including dilapidations, costs, valuations and other legal issues. We are professional chartered surveyors, and you can trust us with your property. 

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