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Building Reports

Property owners often have a misconception when it comes to properties where the tenant has a repairing obligation, whether it be a full repairing or internal repairing lease.

Landlord’s often think that they do not need to inspect their properties because they can serve a schedule of dilapidations on their tenant at the end of the term. However, your tenant may be a sole trader or a small business and cannot afford an outlay of thousands of pounds at the end of the term.

Professional Building Reports

By inspecting the property, you can ensure that your tenant is keeping it in a good state of repair; you can point out minor works before they become expensive and possibly beyond you tenant’s financial ability.

You can also ensure that your tenant is complying with the other terms of the lease. Have they sublet either part or the whole? Are they in breach of the user clause?  Have they carried out alterations which require consent? 

Comprehensive Advice & Guidance from BPS

At BPS, we can inspect your property and report on all of these possible breaches for you. We can also engage with your tenant on your behalf to ensure that they are compliant with the terms of the lease, if you wish.

By inspecting your property, we are able to identify if there have been any changes in the area which may affect the value of your investment. For example, has the pitch moved due to a new location thus affecting the value of your investment? Is it time to sell and reinvest? Are there a number of vacant properties in the immediate area?

In some cases, the costs of an inspection are recoverable from your tenant. We would be happy to review the lease for you and provide you with our initial opinion free of charge. We cover the entire country, so no location is out of our reach.

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