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As well as individuals, BPS also offer our services to professional agencies; we are proud to extend our universal solutions to every kind of property investor.

Our aim is to be completely accessible and our years of experience enable us to achieve this. We have the knowledge and ability to help clients within the Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Development sectors. No matter which sector suits your portfolio, we strive to always bring you a hassle-free experience and excellent results.

Residential Agency Management

There is no doubt about the complexity of investing in residential property, but the benefits of occupying or developing real estate assets are second to none. Especially when you are supported by a firm who deliver a proactive approach and the ability to adapt to unique requests. You can rely on us to be by your side every step of the way.

At BPS, we are able to assist you with the acquisition and disposal process of residential properties from start to finish. Our main aim is for this process to be as straightforward and streamlined for you as possible, so you don’t have to worry. Looking after multiple properties whilst seeking out new opportunities can be stressful, and we are here to avoid that.

Along the way, we will always be on-hand to provide strategic advice and guidance to minimise and counter any risk in order to add value to your residential property investment. We ensure that all legal requirements will be fulfilled, finance negotiation and strategies are completed, and other authorised aspects are sorted in the most professional way.

Commercial Agency Services

Generally, property acquisitions and disposals can be a complex process. We mean it when we say it is a full-on obligation and, at every stage of taking on a commercial lease, great attention to detail must be paid. From negotiation, agreeing initial heads of terms to completion, we can guide you throughout and offer assistance whenever you need.

Whether you have acquired single assets, corporate property portfolios or regeneration projects, we have experience in all sales and purchases of freehold and leasehold sites. We have considerable experience working on the legalities of site acquisition, assembly and disposal, financial considerations and all administrative details.

We have deep property market knowledge that we can apply to every client and every portfolio, as well an understanding of current trends and budgets. Our team take the time to assess the property market to ensure you are getting the right deal and to maximise your commercial property investment. You can rely on us to protect your commercial interests and avoid any common pitfalls along the way.

Chartered Surveyors for Your Industrial Project

Industrial property development and construction is a multifaceted opportunity and one that requires great attention to detail. As professional chartered surveyors, BPS are able to offer expert advice and ensure every legality and compliance is covered.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide project management for our clients; this means we are able to procure and oversee contracted works and ensure they are completed to schedule and on budget. However, we are also able to assist with other aspects that will occur during the project if it is already underway.

Assessing the condition of the industrial site and carrying out building surveys, producing site specifications and advising on statutory requirements, these are all services BPS can deliver. We can also provide clients with up-to-date advice on building regulations and legislation, budgets, property management and maintenance.

Property Development Agency Management

What makes our services unique is that we work with clients that are both currently involved in the property development process and ones that are at the very start of their journey. We can take care of a range of legal, social, financial and environmental factors in regard to property development, so you don’t have to.

By coming directly to us first, our team will go out and research to find land and properties that aren’t on the market yet, considering a range of factors to best advise our clients; these factors include site planning, development, conservation and transport options. We will seek out opportunities that are specifically tailored to you, your requirements and your budget.

If you are already involved in a development project, we can also help and advise throughout the various stages of site acquisition, assembly and disposal. From evaluating development plans to preparing reports, submitting planning applications to liaising with other professionals, we have got it all covered at BPS.

Planning Application Services

To start with, we don’t just apply for your development’s planning permission, we do so much more. We can actually help you right at the start of your project by looking for new opportunities. If you are looking for a piece of land to accommodate a large-scale building or construction project, our team can assist you in your search.

From there, we can also make sure that you adhere to the required regulation through each stage of your project. Beginning with strategy and design to project planning and project viability, we can help look closely at the finer details every step of the way to ensure you are compliant. Then, we have the ability to complete your planning permission application.

BPS professionals are familiar with the National Planning Policy Framework enacted by the government and so can support your project with the planning practice requirements. We have experience working with Local Authority Planning Departments meaning the planning application process is streamlined and stress-free. Whether you’re planning for a brand new development, looking to conduct building work to a listed building, or designing an extension, we can help with any project.

BPS Partnerships

By choosing our Partnerships packages, you can tailor our helpful services to your needs. Whether you have properties in each sector or you’re looking for guidance with planning applications, we’ve got everything you need.

Interested in working with us? Get in touch with us today to book a free consultation and discuss your requirements.